T2 thermostat and sensor

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T2 thermostat and sensor

Inläggav Oliver » fre 27 nov 2015, 14:52


I bought a house with already old T2 NRG system and now 3 thermostat had stop functioning. Can I change only the front part of it ? Because it seems to be the only part which is non-functioning, and where to find that? If I have to buy a full new thermostat, then do I have to buy a new sensor as well? How can I know if the sensor is still good or not and if it fit the new Thermostat? (I think of buying just a new T2 NRG)?

Thank you
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Blev medlem: tor 26 nov 2015, 17:52

Re: T2 thermostat and sensor

Inläggav martin » ons 07 mar 2018, 20:46

It is not possible to buy just the front part, from what I know.

I would recommend just replacing the complete thermostat, you do not need to change the floor sensor.

My recommendation is Golvvärmetermostat Tylösand. this one can be configured to the floor-sensor you already have in your floor.
Golvvärmetermostat Tylösand
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